How to compress and burn a VIDEO_TS folder in ImgBurn or other software onto 1 dvd?

I am trying to burn a 8 GB VIDEO_TS folder stored on my hard drive on to a 4.7 GB dvd.On most software I cannot find a way to compress and burn.Which software is able to do this and what settings do I need to use.I have tried dvdxcopy/imgburn/nero but am not familiair enough to make it work.Can someone help me out with this.Would be much appreciated.

Welcome to CDFreaks, You can use DVDShrink to compress the file and then use Nero or ImageBurn programs to burn it into blank disc.

Thank you.Will try it right now.

Something like DVDShrink is what you’ll need. There is a version of DVDShrink that uses Imgburn instead of DVDDecrypter as its automatic burning program. You can find it here:

I’d suggest reading through some guides on using DVDShrink. You can find some at Digital Digest or

8gb to a dvd-r is a lot of compression though. Shrink can do it but I’m not sure you’ll be pleased with the results. Look up DVDRebuilder. It can reencode your dvd and may produce better results when doing a lot of compression. There is a free version available, just be aware it will take considerably longer than Shrink.

If you have Nero full versio and a video_TS folder in you HDD, you can use Nero Recode to fit the video in a Video5 disc, no need of extra software or intermediate steps