How to compress a large DVD file?

Hope somebody will take the time to help me out here. I’m running my Panasonic PV-DV100 Digital Video Camcorder (mini-DV cassette) via firewire directly into Adobe Premier 6. capture. Less then 45 minutes worth of mini DV tape translated into a “very” large 9 gig MC_DVD file. I could not find a way to reduce the size of the file from Premier or any other software I own. Can sombody point me to software that can “compress” this file onto a single DVD disk? Or can that even be done. please excuse the stupidity of my question.
The B-man

dvd shrink might do the job and its freeware:D

I’ve used TMPGEnc to do the same job, other software tools i am not aware of might do it also.

dvdshrink does this task well…:cool: