How to completely remove Orbit Downloader

Hi Members,

I downloaded Orbit Downloader yesterday.
Now, my Firefox opening page n Tool Bar has been replaced by -
Orbit Downloader+Google Search page.
The address bar is -

I have :
a) opened Control - add/remove , deleted Orbit Downloader file.
b) opened Search Files , deleted all Orbit Dowloader related files
c) deleted Firefox 4 and reloaded.

But when I click Firefox icon to go online I still get -
Orbit Downloader +Google Search as opening page not Firefox opening page.

Welcome advice on how to completely remove this annoying and unwelcome page.



Suggest using Revo Uninstaller (freeware version = free) and use the #4 (most advanced) setting followed with their ‘hunter’ settings.

You can find the freeware version here:

Thanks yr advice bigmike7.

Revo Uninstaller could not find any Orbit Downloader files or parts therof.

There are complaints in Firefox and Downloader Forums from others about Downloader changing home page uninvited but no edits or effective advice as to how to remove.

Ran Eusing Reg Cleaner, CCleaner, Malwarebytes n others but bug still there.

Please , any other advice.

With firefox open click tools,options,general…highlight home page…press backspace…put in anything you want for the home page or select a bookmark or select restore default. Hope this helps, it is not a big deal.
Right above homepage is start up chose one from the drop down.

Hi Jethro,

Followed your advice and finally removed all trace of Orbit Downloader.

Many Thanks.

But now I have a far my serious problem - please see my new thread -
Disaster - Lost all music from Media Player.