How to combine jpg and avi into a movie

I just got back from vacation where I shot hundreds of jpg’s and dozens of avi movies ranging from 10 to 30 seconds or so. I want to combine these into a movie of my vacation to post at my site for friends and family to look at. I want to do a voice-over with narration. I made several panorama jpgs from multiple shots. I want to pan the panorama like they do in documentaries like Ken Burns Civil War documentaries where they pan a still photo to give the effect of a movie scene, but I want to do this digitally rather than using a movie camera.

Does anyone know if there is a single program that can do all of this?

I’d like to be able to save the result as Quicktime and Windows Media file for widest compatibility.


Have you looked at Window’s Movie Maker? Its free with XP service pack 2 and will do what you want, but not sure about saving to quicktime format though.

well, try this flash slidevidshow :iagree: could be useful for you… :rolleyes:

good luck