How to close my existing DVD's?

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 Simple problem but I cant find answer.    I have 200 open DVD's that I have burned.  I didnt know that they were opened. I thought they were closed.  Can someone please tell me how to close my existing DVD's.  


What did you burn them with? If I had one with no prior knowledge of its origin I would try adding a small file with Nero and then checking the box that would not allow additional files. If it was burned on a DVD stand alone recorder I would go back to that machine.

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Thank You!! Its an incredible forum!! I just found it. I used roxio EZ CD Creator 6 Platnum. Good Idea. Ill try that.

I could only get it to work once. And the disc was actually open. So I tried the next and so and and the rest say closed on the status. Which brings up a bigger problem. Only my DVD rom can read my dvd burns. None of the other 5 computers around here can read them. They can read my CD’s fine but not DVD’s. Any Ideas?

Post more details such as the media ID of the discs (CDSpeed will get it) and the program used to burn as well as the drives that will read and not read. If, as I am guessing, you are dealing with files you might have a problem with the burn quality as open discs are read by burners but not ROM drives and what you are describing is the reverse.

That is exactly the problem, wow, you are a Guru. I never thought of that. So without all the extra details what can I do so the dvd roms can read or what program do I use so that in the future I dont have this problem.
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A properly burned disc with any software will be readable on a ROM drive when the disc session is closed. This usually means that the burning software needs to be instructed to not allow any additional files to be added later. Nero does this on the last screen prior to the burn and most here have had decent experiences with Nero. Roxio should do this but Nero seems to be much more thorough and is updated very often. Usually an OEM version is available for $15 or less through online discount sellers.