How to close a dual layer DVD session?



Ok, some how when i mounted some iso’s to my daemon tools, and then burned them in nero, i somehow didn’t check ‘finalize disc’ (slapps self in the head)

Anways, what are some programs that can close a Dual Layer Data session. I tried nero, but everytime I try to continue the session, it doesn’t allow me to click the session/track to close. I’ve flippin googled this for hours, and still no luck.

I can actually read the discs in explorer when Nero is open. (go figure)

I’d like to salvage the discs if possible since they cost a mint for dual layer discs.

Any ideas?



awesome, thanks for the program… how ever… didn’t like me… lol
I think it has something to do with it being dual layer, because in nero, shows only 1 session, but in discinfo.exe shows as 2 sessions. When I try to finalize I get “There was no incomplete session found. Either the last session is complete already, or it is empty!”

Oh well, the discs work on my pc just fine (have no idea why though) guess I’ll keep them as back.


I guess the tool isn’t compatible with DL. Perhaps contacting the author might give him the push for an update :slight_smile: