How to clone Windows 8.1 on laptop?

I would like to clone a Windows 8.1 laptop. The laptop likely has one HDD so I wonder if I can hook up both the HDD and SSD.

It has a ODD, can I disconnect the ODD and then use that cable to hook up the SSD? Or is there a better way?

I’ve seen that there are several free applications which can be used to clone the SSD, is there one that’s recommended?

You might want to look at a couple of guides for replacing the optical drive with an ssd:

I’ve used the EaseUS Todo Free version to clone a regular drive to an ssd and it worked well. But I was only moving 60gb of operating system and files to a 128gb ssd.

In case you haven’t already resolved this - you could also use a USB adapter.

Errmmm…cloning a drive to an SSD is easy-peasy.

Most SSDs come with the appropriate software on a CD…

I´ve just replaced the weeny drive in my laptop by cloning my PC system drive (Win7 + lots of other software) to a new, bigger SSD, and just shoved it in, updated a few drivers (e.g. sound) and it works sweet as!

Used the CD that came with it…Samsung in this case.

Most SSDs come with the appropriate software on a CD…

I was wondering what that answer would arrive.

When I added my Samsung SSD to my notebook, it was painstakingly EASY.
The SSD [B]KIT[/B] included cable, adapters and software.

Neither of the ssd’s I’ve bought had anything with them, so it isn’t universal, that they come with software.

Most companies are offering ssd’s with a transfer kit however, so if you know in advance that you need one, get the kit.

I had no issues myself, but I don’t use laptops either. Cloning in a desktop with third party software was simple.

Samsung make their SSDs available in various kits.
[B]Standalone:[/B] You get the bare drive.
[B]Desktop kit:[/B] You get the drive, SATA cable, cloning software, and a (I think) a 3.5 inch to 2.5 inch adapter.
[B]Laptop kit:[/B] You get the drive, cloning software, USB3 to SATA adapter for cloning, and a 7mm to 9mm spacer.