How to clone dish cards?

(sorry if i type like a 12 yr old, i was ran into on my motorcycle 6 days ago and can only use one hand)

my brother is a DishNet dealer, so he’s got a vendor card that has lots of channels. we used to program the old hu cards. i looked at our programmer (t911 i think) but the pins don’t seem to line up.

i tried the card in multiple receivers and works, so it doesn’t appear to be married to it.

what programmer and software can i use to clone this card? i asked him about getting another, but he said they’ll kill his current card if he gets a new one. sorry, i’d search but i feel like crap and it’s a pain to search & sift through irrelevent crap.

Hello and welcome to CD Freaks,

this sounds a bit illegal to me and CD Freaks doesn’t offer help for illegal activities.
Please read the rules before posting next time and consider this post as a waring. Any further posts which are against our forum rules will be deleted and for you this will result in a sin-bin or permanent ban.


While this forum allows for the discussion of satellite topics such as choosing and setting up a system along, finding satellites, etc., we cannot allow the discussion of programming / modification of pay-TV smartcards, even if it is just for personal use (such as to use two satellite receivers without paying for a 2nd smartcard). This is due to this forum being open to visitors across the globe, including places where it is illegal to carry out pay-tv smartcard hacking / cloning. :disagree:

Probably the best thing to try is to locate a forum relating to your requirements. Unfortunately, we can’t help you any further here.