How to clone an SD card to DVD

Hi To all of you brothers,

I am new to this forum. I have a problem. I have an SD card with a GPS navigation software. I need to make a DVD Back of that SD card. Is it possible? I’ll be thankful if anyone help me in this matter.

If there is no copy protection involved put the SD card in your reader, if you have one on your PC, copy the contents to your hard drive then burn contents to a DVD with the burning app of your choice. I shouldn’t be difficult.

Hi Whappo
I tried that and got failed. I have an option to make an image of that SD card… but i did not find any option to burn that image to the DVD. Do you know any program to do so???
like Norton Ghost or Windows Backup utility… you can make the image of your disk and you can write that image to another HDD or USB drive but unable to write that onto DVD. Help me please in this matter. Let me tell you one more thing. That SD card is of 2GB while using nearly 64.6MB space. One more thing. I also have a DVD of that software… Can i make a clone of that DVD?? If i can, then how?

Is there anyone who can help me out of this problem??? anyone ???

Did you get some kind of error message when you say it “failed”.
Depending on the type of image file that is created you can use Imgburn to write it to DVD.
If you have the DVD you can use Imgburn,, to create an image of the disk on your HD and then write that image to DVD.

I don’t have a GPS so I haven’t done this.
I agree on trying ImgBurn.Build mode will give some additional settings.More than just read or write will.
For example if you have some way to tell the SD could be written in UDF only.
I doubt it needs to be a bootable image but ImgBurn will do that too.

Hey Whappoooooo !!!

Thanks a lotssssssssss buddy … I made an image file … probably it will work now … anyhow thanks alots … I will soon let you know about.