How to clear Snap.Do from computer

Hi members.
Further down you may see that I had problems with slow notebook and WMP. It was suggested H.D. may be too full.

I did not think so but went into programs to delete any old gear - connected to net via my usual engine Firefox.

Suddenly advert boxes started opening. Closed Firefox, tried to shut down computer but it would not, saying it would close after files were downloaded. I assumed files were new Windows stuff from M.S.

Go back on later and lots of bug files back. Cleared some but not Snap.Do

Did full search with Super Anti Spyware. Deleted 33 adware files.
Closed down and re-opened Mozilla and bugs back. Deleted Mozilla. But I suspect elements of Mozilla still there and Snap.Do embedded. Not sure about Explorer.

Using my old computer to send this note.

What to Do ?

These “tracking cookie” or “phone home” viruses are getting more and more complex. Sometimes, I can Google to find answers.

Sometimes I’ll visit BleepingComputers and they’ll provide a good solution.

But more often, I’ll find a variety of answers and most won’t solve the problem. I have to keep searching and trying.

This is an exercise in YOUR patience, therefore.

I’m facing one of those DoSearch type plagues on a shop-neighbor’s computer. This user continually visits unsafe websites and, while I’ve got 30 other shop-neighbors, this ONE user is always the one with the worst experiences. And the worst user-discipline.

And this latest proves that this uncareful, lazy user-discipline creates a foe that defeats any fix-it tactic I’ve found so far. What’s left? “Complete wipe-out and re-load - a 20 hour job.” A very long, dull, “press ENTER a kajillion times” process. Yawn.

My chosen solution is “Leave it. Let them enjoy their hijacked computer. Maybe THEN they can finally understand the frustration of THEIR lack of discipline.”

None of this helps you at this time. Rapping your knuckles here won’t, I realize.

But perhaps it can help you in the future by knowing your computer was probably infected by an installation of downloaded freebie software. And after downloading it, the installation choice was probably “express” or “recommended” or “automated” - the laziest and worst choice of all.

Instead, using the Custom Installation choice will be superior, but it takes careful reading for each screen, and paying attention to every checkbox. Even then, there’s no guarantee these hijacker phone-home tracking-cookie viruses won’t be installed. No matter how much I rail against a user’s lack of discipline, I believe these hijacker viruses will find a way to install themselves even on the most careful user’s computer.

That’s what they live for.

(Any time you need an unsympathetic boot, let me know! ha ha… just know I’ve been there/done that, and all of my grousing is sharpened by personal experience! Eventually, I know I’ll end up doing a Wipe-Out-ReLoad on that user’s computer. I have to do it every 6 or 10 months anyway, because eventually, the nags and whines will wear me down. grrrr… but that’s what shop-neighbors are for.)

Maybe this will help.
First uninstall FireFox.(Not permanently).
Then reboot into Safe Mode.
Run your antivirus software from there.
Do as thorough a scan as it has.
Run Malware bytes from there also.
If your antivirus has a boot scan run that as well.
If everything seems OK when you boot back into normal mode reinstall a freshly downloaded FireFox.

I’ve once had a case with someone’s PC where I had to delete the Firefox user profile to remove the ‘Ask’ add-on, which could not be removed through Firefox’s add-ons manager.

As deleting the profile brings it back to its ‘Like new’ state, you need to backup your bookmarks and take note of any extensions you use to reinstall later.

To back-up your bookmarks, go into the Firefox menu and click ‘Bookmarks’, then click ‘Import and Backup’ and click ‘Backup’, pick a folder (e.g. ‘Desktop’), type in a name (e.g. ‘Bookmarks Backup’) and click ‘Save’.

To clear the Firefox user profile:

[li]Close out of Firefox, then press the Windows Key + ‘R’
[/li][li]Type in “%appdata%” and click ‘OK’.
[/li][li]Go into the ‘Mozilla’ folder and rename ‘Firefox’ to ‘Firefox Old’.
[/li][li]Close this Window, then press the Windows Key + ‘R’
[/li][li]Type in “%localappdata%” and click ‘OK’.
[/li][li]Go into the ‘Mozilla’ folder and rename ‘Firefox’ to ‘Firefox Old’.
[/li][li]Close this Window and launch Firefox

Firefox will now go through the setting up process as if it was installed for the first time. Once you’re in Firefox, you can restore the bookmarks. To do this, go into the Firefox menu and click ‘Bookmarks’, then click ‘Import and Backup’, go into ‘Restore’ and choose ‘Choose File…’ Locate the bookmarks file you saved earlier and click ‘Open’.

I generally periodically delete my own Firefox user profile as it noticeably improves its performance, especially after a year of use. I remember when I first tried Chrome several years ago, I couldn’t get over how much quicker Chrome was until I noticed on another computer that Firefox seemed to be the quicker browser. It turned out that Firefox’s SQL databases grew very large and that simply clearing the Firefox user profile improved its performance to the point where Chrome no longer seemed faster on my PC.

My neighbor’s SnapDo fungus was not curable so I ended up with a wipe-out-and-reload. It was time, anyway. All clean re-installs, runs so much faster. Now, it’s quicker for my neighbor to screw it up, all over again.

Like the old sayings…

[I]There’s always a dark cloud to every silver lining…

It always gets darkest before going completely black…

You can’t teach a dead dog new tricks…[/I]

If you haven’t been able to clear Snap.Do off by the time you read this post, you might want to read this thread and try the AdwCleaner.exe by Xplode and GMER to clean it:

I do know from experience GMER is good at detecting nasties and getting rid of them. However, I haven’t used AdwCleaner. Good Luck!

This is the solution how you can clean your PC from Snap.Do:

[QUOTE=ChristineBCW;2711439] Now, it’s quicker for my neighbor to screw it up, all over again. [/QUOTE]

Tell your neighbour about SANDBOXIE and your headaches will get better soon…