How to clear nero's cache?

Hi,i have a question,how to clear nero’s cache???
I was trying to burn some DVD today and there writtes that i need to clear nero’s cache because it is already full,and can’t burn.
I don’t know what to do…
I deleted some TEMP files from Local Settings but the message keeps poping up…
Any help???

Hi Welcome to CDF!!!
What files are you trying to burn?? and what message are you getting exactly? Can you give more info plz

hi I have just joined as I am having same problem, I burned four dvds but when i tried no 5 i get message not enough space to burn image only 698mbfree
i have deleated eveything i can find but makes no difference to space left
anyone any ideas?

Yes try doing a search on your computer for .vob files and I think you will find that your previous movies have taken up about 28 Gig ( 4 movies) of your HD space because they were not deleted. 698mbs is not enough free space on your HD to transcode a movie, you have to free up some space.

thanks alan i’ve tried that but nothing found!!!

any other tips on where to look they are obviously there but i dont know how to find them

me again if i do system restore will this solve problem?

Have you used IMPORTED FILE option in Nero, then go to [B]MyDocuments–>NeroVision–>ImportedVideo[/B], delete the imported files if there are any but first check if you have burnt them already. Their extensin would be .mpg. Just give it a try!!!

thanks butthere are no files in my documents think i’ll just have to go with system restore unless anyone else has any ideas

Nero has its own cache management system so no need for user to delete anything. If u have InCD also installed then you may look at the below link, maybe it’ll give you any idea.

thanks but dont have INCD
nero was pre installed on laptop and i cant find any reference to cashe

Did you ever find an answer–did you check the cache settings under options in NeroBurning ROM?

I was thinking, it might be good to change the folder Nero’s stuff is kept so you will know for sure it is from Nero.

This is exactly what i need to know. I did some searchining and apparently if you go to Your computer and then open the CD drive there is an option to clear the cache there but I have a C drive and then a DVD RAM drive and I can’t seem to see any cache area. I desperately need to know the answer to this too.

There is a directory under “Document and setting\userall\Nero emp” try to empty all the files in that directory.