How to clean your lcd monitor screen?

I did a quick search an nothing seem to come up for me. I had no idea where to post this. So I was wondering is there a specific way to cleaning an lcd monitor when it gets dusty, or dirty? I read somewhere that they are sensitive to abrasive cleaners. So I certainly wouldn’t want to use a glass cleaner. Would a wet, well rung out wash cloth work?

I wondered the same thing…not so much with dust, as I can dust that off with a soft duster. Stuff like smears etc, I’ve been curious about.


I have an LCD with a protective permenant sheet of glass over it and I use windex. I’ve seen users say don’t but it is well for me no issues. For the ones without the protective screen I think a well rung out rag would do the trick to add I think it would be advised to use a dry rag to get all the dampness left on.

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Damp microfibre cloth. :iagree:
Or be like me. An acetate sheet covering screen area. :bigsmile:

same thing I clean dvd’s with, eyeglass cleaner and a clean well used(old/soft) linen handkerchief

power off

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Have a read.

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Thanks guys! I am scared to even touch the thing now.:slight_smile:

Nice find there. I’m just glad I have the protective glass over my LCD. :cool:

Ditto, but I’ve got a tiny little smear (not too noticeable though) in the top left of my screen, hehe.

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When I first got mine I had a smear right in the middle. I took a clean wet wash cloth, and cleaned it then cleaned the rest when it was ON. Plus I had to scrub it kind of hard, and it didn’t hurt it. I think I got lucky though, or their just being really cautious. I dont’ have a protective screen on mine. I don’t like the idea of turning my monitor off, or unplugging it. I’m afraid I will loose my color settings. It took me quite some time to get the picture how I like it. Oh well you got to do what you got to do.

I use aerosol glass cleaner and paper towels. Rub gently!

A well wrung out chamois - broad strokes, no pressure :bigsmile:

For dry dust I use a swiffer duster once a week. I don’t get other types of spots being that I don’t allow anyone within two feet of my monitor. (Including myself unless I’m dusting it.)

I have used 50/50 white vinegar and water on mine for the last 2+ years and haven’t had any problems with mine. I use the same mix for the big screen tv for 8+ years and no worries with that either.

As for your personal settings that’ll be still there because it is stored on the PC not the moniter.

Wife picked up a few tubs of “Endust” anti-static wipes. The label states they’re specifically for electronics, eg., tvs, pcs, monitors, etc. It’s not that I believe everything I read…but they’re soft, pre-moistened with Isopropyl alcohol and best of all cheap and disposable.


Thanks for the info.


I use “iKlear Apple Polish” - specifically formulated for cleaning LCD screens-

I found it at Frys - expensive though at $10 for 5 ounces - but per the instructions - but you use very little with a microfiber cloth [B]gently[/B] polishing the surface - so a bottle has lasted me for over two years-eh!

That’s better. Do you think I actually need to unplug it? Just turning it off seems enough.