How to clean & easy capture Plextool XL v3.16 scan



How to capture ? ( Like a Nero CD/DVD Speed )
Plextool Professional XL v3.16 ?
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I use this excellent and free software :slight_smile:

Of course there are many similar software, but I like this one because it is portable (no installation is required, aka no registry mess), is free, and it has also an image editor to add arrows and other simple effects to captured images (useful to post screenshots here :))


I use FSCapture 5.3. It’s that last free version and works great


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Thanks geno888 & Bob :slight_smile:


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I use the PRINT key to get the entire screen into the clipboard as BMP or ALT+PRINT to get the active window into the clipboard.
By the way both keys are also freeware :iagree::p:cool:

I also use Snagit 8 for more complicated screenshots when I need the mouse cursor in the picture for example. But this software is no freeware.