How to choose a suitable burner for my satellite 2410

hi guys, i am a newbie here and i have a problem to choose the burner.

The situation is below

My computer is Toshiba Satellite notebook which only has usb 1.1 without a burner drive inside.

i want to buy a external burner for my laptop.However, most of the burners are based on usb2.0 and i am not sure about the stability while burning cause by the transmition bandwidth.Another problem is if a want to buy a inner burner and buy a case as well, is there the same problem?

Waiting for your help.

Hi & welcome, annan :slight_smile:

As you’ve gathered already, you have multiple options: 1. a retail external burner, 2. an internal burner and a seperate enclosure or 3. an internal slim type drive for laptops.

For options 1 & 2 you will also need to buy a PC-Card (PCMCIA) to add USB 2.0 or FireWire connectivity to your laptop. Most external drives and enclosures use USB 2.0, but performance using a PC-Card adapter can be lacking. Therefor I suggest you look into the FireWire (IEEE1394) alternatives as well.

Replacing your current internal drive with a dvd-burner is another possibility (and avoids potential USB or FireWire probems), but you have to determine whether you have a Master or Slave model first (and select the new one accordingly). This is best done on-site in the shop, because you often can’t tell from a catalogue or internet site which is which.

Cressida pretty much summed it up. I would suggest an internal dvd burner, and just set it as slave or master depending on the laptops configuration.