How to choose a decent dvd burner

Hi All,

This sounds silly, but it seems very hard these days to find reviews for burners. I have tried reading through the burner specific forums, but mostly I see posts of dvd scan results, which do not help me a lot. It seems folks like what they like, and there is very little agreement.

I still have an old NEC 2500A which has been a workhorse, had a liteon, but it quit on me. Can’t find an NEC, except the optiarc 7071, which does not get great reviews. CNET reviews has almost nothing for dvd drives anymore.

I don’t think I need anything fancy, but would like something that would last and burn like the old NEC.

Any suggestions on how to do some research?

Thanks for all help.

In each of the burner forums, you’ll find some reviews in the Sticky threads at the top :slight_smile:

Personally I like LG drives and newer Samsungs, unless you want a scanning drive, in which case I’d choose LiteOn.

Hi :slight_smile:
For build & reliability I’d go with Pioneer. 112 or if SATA the 212. :iagree: :bigsmile:
Based on NEC chipset, yet a different beast in the end. :iagree:

Plus there are polls and they are pretty recent ones :slight_smile:

Suggest reading reviews of burners that interest you like the 1 at if interested in Pioneer for example. I did this very thing about a year ago and decided the Pioneer 111D was best overall for DVD video backup after reading reviews of latest burners. I also considered posts in different burner forums and in particular the amount of problems and decided Pioneer also seemed to have fewest problems over all. The only knock against Pioneer IMO is that it’s not a good scanner, but scanning is not important to me. Also I still have a Pioneer 107D that’s still performs flawlessly after many hundreds of burns albeit at only 8x and single layer only for that model.

I recommend not getting another NEC because the 3520 I have doesn’t read burned -R discs in Win2k, and many other NEC users have had same problem. For more on this issue see If interested in the Pioneer, still shows the DVR-710 (DVR-111) available for $25 after rebate or $15 after rebate with Google checkout.

Thanks for all the replies.

I will spend some more time searching through the make/model forums.

The Pio’s do sound very good.

Remember there are good and bad drives with all brands/models.