How to check writing quality for DVD in Nero?



I tried many times yet unable to do so. Thanks.


you need to use nero tool if you cant access this from your desktop it should be in your all programmes,only found it myself after using this site its very handy still getting to grips with it myself


forgot to mention I use nero ultra not sure if other versions have the tool


@ Seanxxx
Go to 'start>programs>nero>Nero tool kit>CD-DVD Speed. Open that and there are a bunch of tests for your drive. To test a DVD’s quality in cd-dvd speed, go ‘extra>disc quality’ and place a burnt dvd in the drive and start. it will give a chart with PI errors(correctable) and PI failures(non correctable). A quality score will also be given. Generally, PIF is far more important than PIE. PIE can be maximum values of 280 or more, PIF should have no maximum value more than 4. You can read Interpreting PI/PO error scans for more in depth info. This is for kprobe, but the general theories also apply to cd/dvd speed


To see if your drive is compatible with the disc quality test look here:



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Good call, I didn’t realize there was such a list.

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