How to check second hand burner?

Hi all,

If I have to buy a second hand burner is there any way to check how many CD’s/DVD’s itwas used to burnt and what is the condition of the lens inside and how much more can it be used to burn media (longevity)?

Aquarius. :o

Nope, you can’t. There is no way you can check how many discs a drive has burned and how many it can still burn. Some drives work forever and can burn thousands of discs while others fail within 50 burns or so. Personally, with today’s prices of optical drives, I wouldn’t risk getting a second-hand burner, unless of course it was really cheap or still under manufacturer warranty.

thx for the reply. Is there a big performance leap between the SOHW832S and the 16X DL Lite-ON model? Is it worth a upgrade?

Aquarius :slight_smile:

The biggest leap is the price of the media. :slight_smile: