How to check recording quality on NEC drive?

Hi! I’ve recorded a few dvd’s on different media so far, but I can’t seem to find out how to test them. When I try to do the quality check in nero cd speed it just comes up with an initialization error.
cd speed works with normal cdr’s though, but it seems really strange. When testing any normal cd, the avarage c2 errors is always around 80, and no c1 errors. On these forums I’ve read that I shouldn’t be getting results like this, but I’ve tested cd’s on different media, and also recorded on different writers… all the same results…

So, if anyone can help me test my dvd quality, and help sort out this cdr confusion I’ll be very happy!

ps I don’t have a liteon drive, so can’t try k-probe as far as I know… :sad:

PLEASE READ FAQ rather than starting a new thread.

Can I use Kprobe to scan discs on my NEC drive?

No, Kprobe will only work with LiteOn manufactured drives. Your other options for testing DVDs are Neros DVD/CD Speed Transfer rate & ScanDisc tests, or DVDInfoPros’ Transfer rate & Read error tests.
*Note CD-DVD Speed disc quality test (PI/PIF) does NOT work on NEC drives.

Yea like that responce helps…

That’s besides the point whether it works with it or not, i already stated that it didnt in my post.

k forget the dvd issue.

anyone got any ideas on the cdr issue?

I think that Nero CD/DVD speed (and its bells’n’whistles) DOESN’T SUPPORT AT ALL (i.e., DVDs AND CDs) quality checks or whatever checks (beside speed and surface scan) on NEC drives.

Correct, NEC drives do not support reporting of C1/C2 errors.

I ran a CD-Speed disc quality test just for fun anyway, and got the following result: