How to check quality of "shrink" programs?

I have now a main movie title with only English audio at 55% compression reported by DVD Shrink. Until now I did not use Deep Analysis or any other quality enhancements.

I am willing to spend the transcoding time now and run the shrink in few quality modes and see if there is improvement. Maybe even try another transcoder.

Is there a quick way to “see” the difference in quality? Any tips?
(watching the movie 3 times start to finish is just to much to ask, hehehe)

Based on my tests, I see no changes in video quality with the “detailed” analysis at normal speed and magnification. Course you must do a blind test (have someone else put in the DVD during playback).

Must be a very long movie if you’re @ 55% with only the main title and AC 3/6 or 3/2 audio. No need to include DTS audio. I could easily see the quality improvement between a 60% and 80% disc. That’s why I only transcode to one DVD-5 disc if the quality is higher than 80%. 75% or lower movies are split into two DVD-5 discs.

i can usually notice a difference at less than 90% compression. any lower and i usually split it with the freeware dvdfab. i like shrink less for its compression abilities and more for its ease at selecting just the main movie…

there’s not really much you can do to “see” the difference other than seeing it with your own eyes. you can try doing things like skipping to scenes with faster action/more detail, but other than that, it’s pretty much a manual process.