How to check burnt DATA

After burning a DVD I was wondering if there was a program to check the files on the disk for CRC errors since copying to HDD to check is such a pain.

I have a lite-on 1633s writer

The process will take more or less the same amount of time as just copying the data to HD, as the reading of the data on the DVD is the slowest link in the process. Several popular tools will do a bit for bit comparison of ISO files. Nero will do a verify process after the burn, but this has been shown to be unreliable.

Bottom line is that if you want to know you have a good disc, the best way is to do error scanning on any of the drives that allow this. If your burn quality is low, doing CRC checks will not reveal that. It also doesn’t tell you if the data was corrupted in the burn, or on the way to the burner, or in the reading process.

CDSpeed’s scandisc test is a pretty reliable measure of data integrety and readability, and even the transfer rate test will tell you that the disc is readable.

Thanks, it sure uses a lot less resources than copying teh whole dvd contents to hdd and then deleteing it.

True enough. Most folks around here seem to feel that CDSpeed Transfer Rate Test is the best all-round quick and dirty “Readability” test. Fastest too. A good straight speed line means a pretty readable disc as a rule, especially at 12x-16x CAV speed.