*How to check booktype on burned dvd*

How/what program do you use to check the booktype on a dvd you have burned?

I want to see if i am writing DVD+R discs as DVD-ROM


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Thanks Bro! Ill try it…

Peace and Luv,

DJ Mind

Um, I was curious about this issue too.

[I have a Memorex F16; Recode changes the booktype to DVD-Rom (it says). This seems to be the case, since DVDD doesn’t and I’ve noticed the difference in playability on one of my players. I wanted DVDD (DVD Decrypter) to do the same but it had no Memorex tab - but I was informed my drive is actually a Lite-On! I wanted to try that setting in DVDD and verify the result.]

But I digress… It seems that CD Freaks really doesn’t like DVDinfo (or at least its creator, as if you follow it’s download link you see a thread explaining what an (for a lack of a better word) a–hole he is.

So - Is there an alternative?

dvd decrypter/mode/iso read

I used the Lite On tab to change “next burn” to DVD-Rom booktype (DVDD reported “success!”), yet where yours says profile and booktype are DVD-ROM mine still says DVD+R.

So how do I know?

dunno, i only have pioneer dvd drives. try the liteon forum maybe ?

Uh, yeah… Guess I should if I was really into it, the question was off topic. Just saw that there and got curious. I did try a burn after that change … can’t seem to change the “profile” but last burn did show as DVD-Rom booktype, so I guess that took care of it.