How To Change The Playback Order

Not sure if it was covered before but just could not find it.

There’s a DVD with 5 titles and a menu. How do you change the order of playback for someone who does not know much about DVD structure. Change the order of title 2 & 3 such that when it starts, it will playback title 1, 3, 2, 4 & 5. ie. at the end of title 1 it will continue on playback title 3 and then to title 2 following by title 4. Thanks in advanced for any help

It is hard to tell without looking into actuall disk structure/navigation. Is it titles or chapters? How are they played now? Can you upload ifo files somewhere and put link here?

Attached is the IFO and VOB files.
There’re 7 titles and I would like to change 4 & 5 around so that set top DVD player will play from 1, 2, 3, 5, 4, 6 & 7 in this order. Many thanks for the help :bow: (45 KB)

I don’t see anything wrong with it. It plays in order from Titles 1-8 automatically and jump back to Title menu at the end. Titles 9-16 are just duplicate of Titles 1-8, and are never referenced, you can delete those. Use the debug feature to similar the run, you will see how it goes from one title to the next.

Thanks [B]toaddub[/B], I know there’s nothing wrong with it, it plays in order from Titles 1-8 automatically and jump back to Title menu at the end. But what I want is to change the order of title 4 & 5 around as mention in previous post.

Anyway, how can you use the debug feature ? And what software is that ? Any help is appreciated.

ok, I read it wrong.

Change VTS1/PGC3, R[4]=4; VTS1/PGC5, R[4]=3; VTS1/PGC4, R[4]=5.

With Pro 3.4.1, there are new buttons in the toolbar, Run Debug and Step. Once in debug mode, you can stop playback, watch registers change, apply break points. It’s not fully completed yet, but it’s getting there. It should be enough for you to simulate playback. Are you not using this version?

I’m using 3.3.1
What’s R[4] mean ?

You are 3 versions behind. Is there a reason why you’re not using up-to-date version?

R[4] = Register 4.

Thanks again [B]toaddub [/B]
This version is much stable for my system. The newer version just crash a big time. I will try again later on.

Which version crashes? If you can repeat procedure that crashes, please let us know so it can be fixed. Use the latest version first, then go backward. I have not experienced them in newer versions.