How to change the cd label/volumn?

i want to change the label of cd …i make a bootable disc, but i didnt change the lable…so nero set thois lable as “new”… but i want to change that…how can i change that??? i have write my data on cd-r disc… so i cant rewrite… now ???

2nd prob:

i want to know abt multisession in nero… i want to write few file on simple cd-r but i want that after a while i can again add more file to it…like its my project cd i want to add files every day…how can i do with multisession ??

You can change a disc label only if disc is in multisession, otherwise is not possible.

To do a multisession, simlpy choose

new compilation --> select CD or DVD --> select Multisession --> Insert all file you want on the compilation, and then burn.

To add other data on a multisession disc,

Insert multisession disc on the burner --> select new compilation --> select Continue multisession disc --> Add new files to compilation --> burn

When disc space is near to end, on last session of the disc (see colored bar on bottom), before to start burning, check “Finalize CD (no further writing possible)”

Are U Using Merocmd Or Neroapi To Burn U’r Cd Or Simply Nero Startsmart?