How to change the burning buffer size (Regedit/Hex) in CDSPeed

The explanations I found around were way over my head, so I wonder if someone could tell me very plainly* how to set this buffer to 80Mb…

*Plainly = which hex number to enter in the relevant Reg key value, I don’t need a course about how to edit Reg values, I’m not THAT dumb… :wink:

Thanks a lot in advance! :bow: :flower:

To narrow the question, I’ll put a reminder:

So basically I just need someone to help me translate my 80Mb in Hex values… yeah, I find myslef unable to do that… :rolleyes: gosh I’m so ashamed… :o

Do [I]amount you want [in MB][/I] x 1024 [KB] divided by 64 [KB]…

That’s taking how many MB you want, converting it to how many KB you want, then telling you how many blocks of 64 KB that would be.

So 80 MB:

80 MB x 1024 KB = 81920 KB

81920 KB divided by 64 KB = [B][I]1280[/I][/B] blocks of 64 KB

This works out, since 4 times 20 MB is 80 MB, and 4 times 320 blocks is [I][B]1280[/B][/I] blocks. :flower:

Rough guess with help from calc.exe:
80MB–> 1280 --> 500h

EDIT: Too late. And Albert’s reply is much nicer :slight_smile:

:eek: Well, that was much simpler than I thought.

Actually I realize only now that dword isn’t hex in the least. :doh:

Ashamed again. :o Bad, bad day. Too much Glennfidish yersterday night.

Thanks a lot Albert and mciahel :flower:

Ooooookay, I’m editing the value again, and find that it can be entered either in hex or in decimal. That’s what was causing my confusion in the first place. I’m still confused, as even though Albert’s calculation is entirely correct, it’s still not clear from Erik’s post if the reference values he mentions must be considered as entered as hex or decimal… :sad:

Click the Decimal button and enter 1280. :wink:

The 1280 is “Decimal”. 500h is “Hex”. EDIT: [B]zevia[/B] beat me. :wink:

Cool. :bow: :bow: :bow: :bow:

Thanks guys, and sorry again for being the sluggish brain today. :bigsmile: