How to change the burn speed

I have dvdfab and can’t figure out how to change the burn speed. Right now it takes me three hours to rip and burn a dvd. Any help would be really appreciated thanks.

The write speed of the burn is set in Common Settings->Write. Sounds more like a read problem. Check to see if your opitcal drive is in PIO instead of DMA transfer mode. Could also be a defective disc.

Hi shrimpsince89 and welcome to cdfreaks,

As my good friend signals suggests, if this occurs with any frequency, your problem has little or nothing to do with selecting burn speed.

The first and simplest step to correct the DMA issue is: open [B]Fab[/B] > [B]Common Settings > General[/B] click on [B]Reset DMA [/B].
Occasionally, this fails to work or it fails after a short time.
There are two links in my sig which contain guides, explanations and a VBS Script file to remedy this.

I hoped the DMA Doctor would chime in. Thanks for the backup, pard. :slight_smile: