How to change region2 dvd to region1

i have a region2 dvd from germany and want to change it to region 1 (us) because my dvd player is not region free.what is the best and easyest way to do this without compressing i dont want to lose quality.

After you’ve copied the dvd to your HD, i believe you can change the region with Pgcedit . I don’t have any out of region dvds so i’ve never done it but the program is free so it’s worth a shot. After you’ve gone through these steps burn the disc and hopefully it’ll be region free. Make sure you save the dvd to apply the settings.

You can also try using DVD Decrypter or DVD Fab or AnyDVD.

If you do using the above way it takes 10 seconds.

i just looked on the dvd it is in pal format also!will the above software work for that also?

I also have a pal format and can’t find anyone who knows how to convert it to our region. I usually back up with any dvd and clone dvd, but they tell me that they are unable to do it and suggest searching sites like this. Fr Bernard

i am going to try dvdsanta i will post if it worked .if you try it 1st let me know your results

I’ve used this patch method to convert PAL to NTSC and works on my player. According to the author it doesn’t work on every player. Just make sure you make a backup of your ifos before you try it.