How to change region settings more than 4 times?



I have tried many places to find this answer can you guys help? as you know i am a newbie and would like to firstly in advance thank you for your replies!I am not fantasticly technical but I have a prob I want to use my laptop as a dvd player as well and although I am in the UK My DVD collection has region one, two and three titles in it! So here we go (youve prob guessed what I am going to ask!)
I have a Phillips SCB5265 Combi in my laptop and it has to be changed from R1 to R2 and you are only allowed four turns at doing this is there any software or site i can get the settings to alter this at all cos it is a pain in the preverbial!!!
Thanx guys if there is more info you need from me please ask
Thanx again


Check this out


There are several ways referred as being able to deal with dif region code DVDs, but if you switch yor drive the limit uses to be that and it probably will stay locked at te last change result.
There were some facilites for a particular brand (I guess it was Hitachi, but don’t know for sure) that would allow you to reset that counter back to zero.
So being a counter, there must be ways to achieve it, but it can be considered not legal under your own Law.
Other way is via firmware to make your drive regio free - but here you face the same legal issues. Depending on the place you live, it can be allowed or not.
And you have the software solutions, one pointed out above but there are more around.
Sorry no experience on that, just the things I read around. If you search on the subject you will find a lot of info.
you can start having a look at
But at present prices, having a dedicated drive to read another region you have discs from will not cost you a fortune and you don’t need to lock the one you have now.


You can install “AnyDVD”. It will run in the background and allow you run DVDs from all regions. It has a free 20 day trial so you can test out if it works for you - made by Slysoft.
I also watch DVDs from many regions and find this works really well.


You can start do some reading assignment on the following and subsequent read first thread which you may find the suitable answer to your question.