How to change region 2 to region free

Hi I need help can someone please tell me how to change the regions on a dvdv i want to burn ??? Can i just use shrink or do I have to use decrypter or do I use both ??? Help me please Debbie

Can some one help me chang region on a dvdv I want to burn ??? Can I just use shrink or do I have to use decrypter or do I use both ??? Hellllo is there any one out there ??? Debbie

Help Healp how do I change a region 2 dvd to region free … Can I just use shrink or do I have to use decrypter or do I use both ??? PLease please help Debbie

Yes Debbie, someone is always here…Patience is a virtue…
Try DVDFab HD decrypter and then use shrink for compressing to DVD-5 size if needed…
If the free Fab won’t rip it, then you’ll need the paid version…
Good luck!..

I’ve merged your two threads Debbie.

DVDFab HD Decrypter is a free solution for your problem, as t0nee1 pointed out.

By the way, if you are in the US and you want to play a region 2 dvd, you often times run into another problem. Most region 2 dvds will be encoded to PAL standards, and the US players don’t often have the ability to play PAL dvds.

hi, have you tried because i have the same question and i will try when you will be successful in doing so, so let me know whether you get any right answer or not.

@ parkerkrist ,
t0nee1 & Kerry56 covered the question.
If the DVD in question is a commercial movie use DVDFab HDdecrypter (basically the free after trial version of DVDFab).This removes the encryption & region code if you have it set correctly.I think remove region code is a default setting . The read(rip) will be a full size DVD9. That is where DVDShrink comes in if you are writing(burning) to a single layer DVD. It will compress to a DVD5 size.
This still leaves the last problem the conversion from PAL to NTSC . I haven’t done that I will leave this part for another member to answer. I think some of the editing software can do this without encoding I’m just not sure which to use.

parkerkrist, the offered solution has worked for many many many others before the OP asked…That’s why it was suggested/recommended in the first place…
After all they’re free and only takes a little time and effort on [I]your[/I] part…
Try it, and good luck!..:slight_smile:
I was writing as cholla was responding…There are PAL->NTSC methods which you may not want to tackle just yet…For me, by far the easiest is using something like ConvertxtoDVD, DVDflick etc and process an already ripped flick…If it’s already DVD(mpeg2 compliant, it will not re-encode(supposedly)…

When converting PAL --> NTSC, it will be re-encoded, since the frame rates and resolutions are different.