How to change read ahead cache in windows xp?

Hi I installed NHL 2000 for the pc and it said to fix strutting video problems change the read ahead cache for the CD-ROM to low. But I’m not so sure how to do that?

This might be what you need:


[QUOTE=RichMan;2539994]This might be what you need:

I’ll test that out soon.

[QUOTE=RichMan;2539994]This might be what you need:

I can’t find it on my computer


Which version of windows are you using?

Try – My computer/ Properties/ Advanced Tab/ Performance Settings

nope only shows visual effects, data execution prevention and advanced which has processor scheduling virtual memory and memory usage

Shite! Sorry, I didn’t realize the link I suggested was for Windows 95.


I really need help on this I don’t like strutting video problems.

waiting here

Sorry you haven’t found the answer yet. I don’t have access to an XP machine right now so this is just a “maybe” Go to Device Manager and find your optical drive/s right click (or left, I forget) and select “Properties” there should be some tabs, maybe “Performance” is one of them.

Maybe I can install windows 98 with vmware workstation, but I don’t know how to do that. Every time I try to install windows 98 I can’t because it says operating system not found

Give TweakXP a try,, it’s shareware but you can use the free trial to see if you can change the read ahead cache.

nope can’t find it

[QUOTE=formyhunny;2541694]nope can’t find it[/QUOTE]

That’s strange! Here’s a quote about TweakXP:

"Under Hardware Tweaks, select your system’s CPU from the list. Then, click on the CD/DVD Tweaks button and use it to optimize the CD-ROM read-ahead cache size (set it at “large” unless your PC has less than 64MB of RAM-

Can’t find it. One question is this on an older version?

You can’t find this screen with the CD/DVD tweaks?,,iid=7381&aID=19543&sID=1027,00.asp

mine look much different. Do you have that version so I can download.

I don’t have but you can download a trial from here:

I set the cache to large and it is mostly better with less strutting video. One more question does anybody know how to make the fps for games faster?