How to change rar Password

Hey guys, some guy uploaded a big rar file for me splitted into 100MB parts and I spent some time downloading these files but unfortunately the files were deleted by the hosting service while I didn’t finish the whole thing, so I asked the same guy to re-upload the files, kindly he did so but there was a problem, he changed the rar password and file names, so I changed the file names to match the sequence of the files that I already have expecting winrar to ask me for the new password when it hits the archive with the different password, which didn’t happen, winrar just gave me an error of wrong password when it reached the file the different password. So I was wandering is there a way to change the password of these partial rar files if this is not an option please direct me to a different solution. The reason I am going through all the trouble you ask, its because of my dead slow internet connection and limited time that I have for this project.

If that file was uploaded purposely for you, then what about simply ask to the guy who uploaded the file for the password? :bigsmile:

It is certainly easier than cracking a RAR archive :wink:

I am sorry for not making myself clear geno888, I have both passwords (the old and the new one) the problem is I can’t extract them sequentially because the password changes from part 8 tell the end of the sequence and winrar doesn’t give me the option of typing the correct password when it hits part 8 file.

Sorry for my mistake :flower:

If you have some segments created with password1 and the remaining segments created with password2, I think that it’s impossible to recover the archive, because the password is used to encrypt the content and you have two differently encrypted group of files.

The only solution is to download again the entire archive. Or to download the missing segments encoded with password2 :frowning:

I guess you r right geno888, now I should start downloading and stop moaning :).

There probably is a way to change that password (there is nothing that human mind is not capable doing), but not that I know of it (for now). But there is a trick that might help. Put all your parts of a splitted file in a different folders (e.g. part one in a New Folder 1, part two ian a New Folder 2 etc…). Start extracting part one. Youll be prompted for password, and after it has finished with part one, yuo wil be asked to browse to the location of part two, AND FOR ITS PASSWORD. And so on for all the parts. I hope that this will help you in the future and everyone who looks at this posts!:stuck_out_tongue:

Ahem, yo Zaphaell did you happen to look at the post date? It’s 2007!!

Yes I heave looked at the year, but I had that problem just a few days ago. I have solved it, but it might happen to someone else (time flow did not stop since 2007). Since your forum is one of the top results on Google search for winrar+password that might be the place where someone with such problem could look for a solution first. I think that these posts stay so long on this site so that someone else with the same problem like members could also be helped.

[QUOTE=Zaphaell;2500785]but it might happen to someone else (time flow did not stop since 2007).[/QUOTE]

Time does stop when the OP isn’t no longer responding to their posting. That’s why one must create a new posting of their Own to make it more current.

Thanks. I didn`t know that, I will open topic, I promise:o