How to change or remove audio stream?

I have an avi video file with two languages audio (as per its info file) but always plays the wrong one. How can i find and remove or disable permanently the wrong language?


Open the avi file , go to Streams, Stream List & disable the one you don’t want.

Now go to Video & select direct stream copy.

Now save as “new file name”.

That should do it.


Dear TimC,

I read your suggestion regarding VirtualDubMod however, when I follow it, I see only 1 audio stream which is a mix of english audio and russian audio streams. How can I seperate them?


I think sometimes 1 channel might be 1 language & the other channel a different language.
You need a audio editor like maybe Goldwave that’ll enable you to save only 1 channel rather than the stereo. Many of these editors will extract the audio directly from an avi file.


Thanks for the quick reply.

I tried the GoldWave editor but what I have found was 2 channels (left and right) which are identical. Their graphs are the same and when I chose left channel I heard both languages and the same happened when I chose the right channel.

According to your experience, is there hope to separate the 2 streams to 2 different languages?

the codec of the audio stream is ID’d as MPEG-1 Layer 3, if it helps in any way.

Again, thanks for all the efforts.