How to change my password of this forum to a word of my choice



I joined this forum about two years ago, but although I read a few posts I have never really been an active member. Just recently I have reactivated DVD Fab platinum and DVDFab gold I have been attempting some cloning and copying of dvd’s which have not been going right, however I will be asking about this in my next question. My problem at the moment is with not being on here for such a long time I had to reset my password now I have a number for a password can anyone tell me how to change this to a word of my choice. Thank you.


Go to User CP at top left and take the Edit Email & Password option.


Thank you Tim C I have now done this and changed my password to a word.


I’me now going to try and copy and b8rn the same film with 1 click dvd, I’ll post back.


I am tearing my hair out looking for this damn “Edit Email & Password” option!

When I go into “Edit Profile” or “Edit Account” I can see no such option nor can I find any link to any other kind of Control Panel.

Any suggestions?


If you go to the User Control Panel you will find the Edit Email & Password item on the left hand side under Settings & Options.

You can also just click on the link in this post.

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Indeed… and here’s a picture to illustrate:


Thanks guys that UCP drop down thingy wasn’t showing on any pages I’d been on before but your link to it brought it up OK.