How to change lightscribe default drive setting?

[qanda]This thread is about the Lite-On External Slim 8x DVD Writer LightScribe USB. Click here to see full specs[/qanda]Hello there, first time poster here, although I have used this forum often to find answers on past threads.

My PC: HP Pavilion a820n
Its about 5 years old, and the internal drive with lightscribe quit working long ago… I replaced it and still had intermittent drive problems (board/IO issue I think) and eventually bought an external writer which has worked fine for a long time… Anyway, I just bought an external drive with lightscribe capabilities.

Brand new LiteOn external slim DVD write, lightscribe enabled (model number # eSAU208). I am able to listen to and burn cd’s/dvd’s no problem.

The problem is, when I try to print a lightscribe cdr, it wants to default print to the old (E) drive that no longer works… Initially, when I tried to change drives (M is the LiteOn) the dropdown was greyed out… So I installed lighstscribe’s update, and control panel. I was able to set the drive to (M).

Then I tried to print it again… Now the app’s dropdown menu is not greyed out, but it only has the (E) drive, I cannot choose the (M) drive, it’s not on the dropdown - just (E) drive is on dropdown. Any help/suggestions/advice appreciated.

Many thanks in advance!


I forgot to mention I am using InterWin DVD software…

it appears to be working now with some other software I am trying, but thanks anyway!