How to change LH-18A1P bitsetting/book-type?

Maybe it is a stupid question. I apologize if it is.

I have heard all Lite-on DVD-recorders can change book-type to DVD-ROM.

I got this image from Nero CD DVD Speed tool. It seems that my recorder cannot change bitsetting. I updated it from GLOC to the newest firmware GLOG and I tried to change book-type to DVD-ROM using BookType tool from Lite-on webpage without success.

Some help would be so much appreciated.

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The Liteon utility Booktype135.exe works fine but it doesn’t read back the settings properly so it’s rather confusing.

I think only DVD+RW can be bitset AFTER burning while DVD+R (DL) can’t.

Thank you for your replies.

I’m trying to bitset BEFORE burning an Imation DVD+R DL.


Bit setting before burning is likely not possible. I don’t know for sure, but I think the media has to be written to in order to change book type which involves burning.

Right bevills1. Information about booktype is written when burning on discs lead-in (sector 60 something IIRC).
It’s only a matter of few bytes that tells the reader; hey I’m DVD-ROM… :slight_smile:

“Discs” booktype is stamped on disc in ADIP (ADress In Pre-grove).