How to change Jumper settings via firmware or cross connect

I have a Toshiba m-45 S169 Laptop. The factory Matshita drive became unusable so I attempted to replace with a Sony DW-D56A. The drive is receiving power but bios does not recognize the drive. I understand that these drives come factory preset to a certain jumper setting. I need a workaround to change the setting by firmware or possibly cross connecting pins. If you can provide any assistance it would be great. I am stuck in Iraq with no way to watch movies or back up my pictures… Thanks

The sony drive is a product sold by Dell and you want to put it into a Toshiba notebook??? The only companies who know the pin settings are tohisba and sony themselves. I have no idea who to contact, but i’m pretty sure that this kind of information isn’t available on the internet.

Not necessarily. According to there are several versions, including Dell. So this drive might be a non-OEM also.


evidently the drive is set thru firmware?

what a can of worms

color me confuzeeeeeeeeeed

It is because that drives have NO jumpers!!