How to change filename?

i need to change the filename ending from .wmv to .asf

how do i do this???

Renaming files isn’t that hard (be sure to have the extensions visible, select the file and press F2 to change the filename). However, if the structure of the file needs to be converted from wmv to asf, it is a whole different ball game (same as converting WAV to MP3 files).

Which of the 2 is what you want to do?

i want to make theses files useable on my authoring program(tmpeg)but it wont touch the ones with wmv but there are four that are mpg and someone told me to change the last part of the filename to.asf

It’s unlikely this will work, but to do so you just rename them with the f2 key from windows explorer. However you may need to disable the “hide extensions for known file types” or something like that from the tools-options menu.

This does infact work when getting TMPGEnc to reencode it to mpeg. Unhide extensions and just change it.

now ive done this it comes up saying"this is an illegal video file" even when ive used xvideo conv to turn them into mpg’s is there any way round this??