How to change disc types


As we seem to have no general questins forum and I don’t have a clue where to ask this, I’m putting it here! Move it if you want. :slight_smile:
OK, I have a CD that contains the photos of our wedding and reception, I keep updating it with the best I can find CDs. I would like to load all these on to an M Disc, easy you say, but again, this CD has a built in autorun proggie. This was a wedding gift from a pro photographer and he added the little gem in with the photos. I’m not complaining about it as it works very well.
Does any one have an idea how I can transfer this to an M Disc DVD? (incase you haven’t noticed, there are no M Disc CDs anymore) Thanks Guys. :biggrin:


OK, don’t worry, I’ve sorted it.


I did not know there were ever M-Disc CDs.
I thought only DVD and BD.
I hope HD-DVD too soon (due to data layer position).