How to change disc region?

Is it possible to re-author a DVD-ROM disc to change its region? And I don’t mean to make it region free, but to change for example the region from 2 to 1.

why just make it region 1 :confused: when you could have region free and not bother about regions again :slight_smile: , as anydvd would do this for you. that’s if you re-burn it. IMO, that’s what i’d do.

I want to change region just to perform a test. Anyone know if this is possible?

I think dvd shrink or dvd decrypter can do his.

I tried both to change from region free to region 1, but with no success (remains region free). Any other ideas?

What should that give?

The only way I can think of doing it is to rip the files to the HD and then run IfoEdit against the IFO & BUP files & change the setting there. You’ll see all regions included in the list, edit it for region 1 only.

This is what I did and then burned the VIDEO_TS folder. But the disc is still reported as region free.

Sorry if is a little dumb question, but is this the setting that you use in shrink?

This is after pressing “Backup” button

No. I unchecked first the “Region Free” button and then checked only the “1” button.

sent dvd to montreal CA plays fine
same disc forwrded to vancouver
wont play says wrong region