How to change booktype on LiteOn 812s@832s, for PS2 Backups

I want to buck up my PS2 games, but after doing some research about it i am finding out that some PS2 systems do not support DVD+R media. I’ve been reading about booktypes and was wonder how to book-type from dvd+r to dvd-rom(which i have been told is best supported for the PS2).

Also is it a good idea to change the booktype for my movie backups?? or should i leave them as dvd+r??

I have a LiteOn 812S@832S(codekings latest)
I also have two PS2’s, one brand new, and another about 3 years old.

Thanks much.

I don’t know much about the PS2 but for bitsetting you can use Kprobe (in the tools menu) or Liteon’s bitsetting tool here.

Also you can use OmniPatcher to enable auto bitsetting which will make all +R media -ROM without having to use the two above tools. I would recommend this option, as the drive does not remember this setting (after flashing or rebooting) and it’s too easy to forget to set it each time. :wink: