How to change bitsettings in gsa-h10n?



how do i change the bitsettings in that drive? and do all gsa-h10n support bitsettings change?


You can use ImgBurn to check if your drive is able to change booktype :slight_smile:


gsa-h10n supports bitsetting on DVD+R and DVD+R DL, not on DVD+RW.


To change booktype with ImgBurn, first of all insert a +R disc on the drive, and then press the button shown by the arrow in the pic I posted previously.

In the little window, first of all select “LG”, then select the option “Drive for DVD +R media” (first image).

Then you need to select in the bottom field the option “DVD-ROM”, and finally press the “Change” button (second image).

The second pic doesn’t show details because I currently don’t have a LG drive installed, so this option is currently grayed in my computer :frowning:


thanks for the help. i will try this now. And can you tell me how to burn a movie in this program, i am very new to this, thanks. i will also PM you.


Not that this will only be effective for burning a DVD with ImgBurn as it’s not a permanent setting but a burn time setting only. That’s the way it has been with earlier LG burners so I’m assuming it’s still the case.

If you use Nero for burning there’ll be a similar option available.


ImgBurn is pretty intuitive.

It will be too complicated to write a guide here in this post. You can read an extensive guide here:slight_smile: