How to change bitsetting on 1016IM?

I recently got a new Dual Layer burner (a BTC/Emprex 1016IM), and I’m going to do my first DL burn soon.

I read on that the best way to make a 1:1 DL copy is to use DVDDecrypter in ISO Read, and then to burn using ISO Write. This is the way I plan to do it.

I want to do the Book Type/Bitsetting to DVD-Rom thing, so my DVD+R DL’s will have maximum compatibility in my DVD Players. I looked in the Book Type area in DVDDecrypter, but there isn’t an option for BTC or Emprex drives. I know that Nero has this option, but since I’m going to be burning in DVDDecrypter, I don’t think that will really help me.

I know there is a bitsetting tool on…is this the best way for me to do the bitsetting, even if I’m going to burn in DVDDecrypter? If it is, exactly how do I do it? Do I have to leave the bitsetting program open while I’m in DVDDecrypter, or what?

I’d really appreciate any advice on this topic…

Maybe you can burned it with DVDDecrypter and then using Nero to set the type as DVD-ROM disc.

Bump—any solutions?

Thanks, Dale

Nero 6/7, Nero CD/DVD Speed, DD, …

all should work.

I agree, however I’ve tried DVDInfoPro and Nero, both of which just lockup. Sometimes DVDInfoPro will report that my burner is unsupported. It is a BTC-1016IM (IOMagic). Ideas? I’ve used CloneDVD in the past, however, I’m giving Nero Recode a try as I type; I noticed the DVD-ROM option which I set and I will determine if the settings actually sticks. Off topic, but, do you prefer Recode or CloneDVD’s output?

Thanks Dale

OK; I have things working…Nero never offered that option before. I updated the firmware to A190 and now it seems to be working properly. BTW—using DVD-R media, can you do bitsetting and if so, does it make a difference.

Bitsetting on DVD-R is not possible, some applications let the media appear with DVD-ROM booktype by using some kind of “trick” and it makes no difference. Real bitsetting can only be done on DVD+R