How to capture online radio songs?

How to capture internet radio songs? what software will do it?

You can find all the details Here

You might try Streambox VCR as well from afterdawn

If you have any Roxio easy media creator’s 6 and up you can simply enter the sound editor, then go to options and select record from “what you hear” or “sterio out” if you do this while listening to the Radio station if will record everything. After you are finished with your recording session then all you need to do is Crop your music, edit out advertisements and such then just save as in either Mp3, Ogg, Wma, Wave. Good luck on your radio station project

If you have the Soundblaster Audigy 2ZS sound card by Creative then you will already have a “WHAT YOU HEAR” option to record whatever plays through your speakers on your PC. The card is manufactured by Creative and it costs only $99 and is awesome! Go to for more info on it. I can put in DVDs, record songs or movie clips by just going in to the soundcard options and selecting the Record, “WHAT YOU HEAR” function and like magic I get what I need, which sounds phenomenol, and then edit the space or unwanted commercials out with any number of audio editing programs. I currently use Sony’s SoundForge program with great results. Good luck!

depending on what restrictions are placed on the stream (various forms of DRM and such) you can also use Winamp’s DiskWriter plugin to write the stream to a file (WAV, MP3, etc.)…doesn’t always work (particularly with some more mainstream Shoutcast streams)…

WM VCR works great