How to Capture 1 minute of King Kong

Is there software that allow me to capture 1 minute of say King Kong or Dirty Harry then intersperse that with a collage of movie, still images & music?

Try Chopper XP and see if that helps. I think it would work better if you extract the movie to your HD first.

Basicaly, you want to edit a seamless movie timeline and soundtrack from a compilation of sources, right? For a start you will have to get your clips ripped from the source, then make sure they are either in or converted to a format that your editing/authoring program will process.

I imagine you could cobble something together with Windows Movie Maker 2, free with XPsp2. Do a google for “video editing freeware” and similar searches and see what comes up. You may find something that suits your purposes.

You’re looking for a professional package if you want a professonal result. Trial versons of Sony Vegas products are available here;

You may also consider Adobe’s Premiere and related products here;

Programs like these are neither cheap nor easy to master though. If you are a beginner, what you want to attempt is pretty challenging. If you enjoy learning, you will have a great time though.

I would recommend Womble MPEG Video Wizard as an AV editor for this type of project. It’s very easy to use, and once you have the video on hard disk you can just select start/endpoints, then drag and drop the individual clips on the timeline. The order of clips can be changed by just dragging.

The video edit accuracy is at single frame level, and audio has a separate timeline. There are lots of other things to give a more professional result, such as transitions between clips. The main advantage of this program is that when you insert a transition (for example, a fade), only the ‘junction’ between gets re-encoded; everything else is just a straight digital copy durig the ‘Save…’ process.

Thank you all for your replies.

I’ll check this out & get back