How to cancel Nero's auto-adujst speed limitation?


I have a LG GCE-8480B CD writer. When I put x40 CDs in the drive, Nero limits my writing speed to x40. How can I cancel this option?

Using Nero
LG x40 CDs
Windows XP Pro + SP1



If it can be done, it’s under drive properties in “choose recorder - options”. If your drive doesn’t allow this, it’ll be grayed out. updating firmware can also chenage the available speed for a given media. Different media may also help. But, it does not follow that burning the media at a higher speed is a good idea.

Nero BR -> Recorder -> Choose Recorder -> Options -> untick Buffer underrun protection enabled


First of all, 10x a lot.

Unfortunantly, cancelling to buffer underrun protection didn’t help. If it’s really the the LGs problem I’m pretty f***ed up.

Try different media.