How to "calibrate" a new Dell 3008WFP Monitor?

I have in front of me the new Dell 3008WFP monitor to replace the fade/gone dim Viewsonic I post of earlier.

The color looks different than the Viewsonic and I would like to know how to “calibrate” the 3008WFP so the bright and contrast and RBG color settings are correct.

Is it a thing that can be done with software and the built-in firmware settings in the 3008WFP? If so, would you please help me to find tools to do this?

Or, does it require a separate calibration tool in hardware, such as a device?

Thank you for helping

There are some web sites out there with really good instructions and test patterns. Here’s two:

Monitor Calibration Methods
Gamma correction

Hopefully people can add more.

Thank you for reply

The best of the setting up hardware so far shows these settings:

Preset Modes: Custom (R,G,B) = 100, 100, 100
Brightness: 15
Contrast: 50

Combined with Nvidia Driver Software “Adjust Desktop Color Settings”:

All Channels - Brightness +45
All Channels - Gamma +45

All other settings so far are at default.

Monitor shows a noticeable Blue tint / bias and it has been difficult to compensate for that.

I will continue to work with the settings in hoping I will find some that are the proper display solution.

I do not believe I will invest in calibration hardware (Spyder3). If I am unable to find solutions that are satisfactory, I will contact Dell about a return and refund. I do not think a second unit will help much based upon search content that I have found so far.

I will update if new changes warrant.

I have sadly had to send the monitor back due to the issue. The “B” in the RGB is over-saturated it seems to what they say, so I will not replace it as it may be with other newly made versions of the 3008WFP as well.

Thank you for helping

I have gotten a Samsung 305T after Samsung confirmed they are pre-color calibrated at the factory.

The 305T looks as I would expect it should unlike the Dell. I think I will be very happy with the 305T if it stays at high quality and does not develop problems or defects.

Thank you for reply

How do games play at 2560x1600 with your gtx295?

[QUOTE=eric93se;2485597]How do games play at 2560x1600 with your gtx295?[/QUOTE]

I find the step down to 2048x1536 that the driver allows to be better than 2560x1600 in both speed and graphical quality. Some games stretch badly to a wide screen perspective but look normal at 2048x1536.

Speed is very good for games like Painkiller Black v1.64, even with AA enabled.

I’m fortunate to have a good match for the card and monitor together.