How to calculate total size of disc?

I want to calculate the whole size of disc(not data size, total size of media… like 700MB). First time, I think sum up the size of whole track could do the trick. In case of incomplete disc, with the combination of READ DISC INFORMATION(last track in last session) and READ TRACK RZONE INFORMATION, it totally works. But in case of complete disc(like complete CD-RW. it’s still erasable), I can only get the size of existing tracks, not the size of unwritten space(or from the last lead-out to the end of disc), so… :doh:

What would be the best method to calculate the whole size of disc? (both for CD and DVD)

Maybe ‘read format capacities’ ?

Oh, Thanks again LIGHTNING UK!

All I need was get the total size of RW media, and ‘read format capacities’ was just the answer. (for non-RW media, nope. It’ll only return current capacity)

Ah… with panasonic sw-9586-c dvd recorder, ‘read format capacities’ returned descriptor that contains total size of disc(formattable capacity descriptor with format type = 00h)… but with LG GCE-8527B and LITE-ON SHM-165P6S, they don’t give me any descriptor which contains total size of disc(no formattable capacity descriptor with format type = 00h)… consequently, I can’t find out the total size of complete CD-RW disc with LG and LITE-ON DVD(CD) recorder. :frowning: are there any idea?