How to calculate checksum of DDP images?



Hi!. I downloaded a DVD DDP image, consisting on this folder:
with these five files:
. “Checksum.chk”
. (has 8 hex characters for each of the three files above)
. “L0_737B.FE7E.311F.esg” (161 bytes long)
. (contains value 79E61870382BD1DE8545737BFE7E311F among other things)
And the uploader e-mailed me its Eclipse Signature:
. “737B.FE7E.311F”
I don’t have the EclipseSuite to calculate back the Signature.
Is it possible to use general purpose utilities such as AccuHash, etc.?. As far as I know they get the CRC32, MD5, etc. but for individual files, not a folder.
On top of this, I see the Signature value is stamped on the folder and *.esg names and content, so I guess the Signature is calculated not taking into account these (otherwise we get an infinite loop).
Can anybody help me?. Thanks!.