How to bypass riplock?

This is my first post in the forum. I have a NEC-ND 3500AG OEM burner (firmware 2.17). My ripping speed in DVD Decrypter is very slow. I get an average rip speed of only 3.2x and a max rip speed of 4.5x. I have read that my burner has a riplock which prevents high speed ripping. How do I bypass this?

you`ll have to use modded firmware read here

WARNING: Flashing your drive with non-official firmware will void your warranty. Flash at your own risk. :bigsmile:

Modified firmware can remove the riplock for video DVDs, but the NEC is still relatively slow ripper even with riplock removed for dual layer video DVDs at most 3-7x speed. For single layer video DVDs it can rip as fast as any other drive though at 6-16x speed. I use a separate cheap Aopen DVD-ROM drive for ripping since it can manage 6-16x on dual layer and single layer video DVDs with standard firmware, though at the layer change point on some dual layer discs it slows down for a period, the Aopen still averages 10-11min to rip an entire dual layer disc though.