How to bypass/recording Vista Administrator's account's password?

Hello my friend… Yes friend and not “FRIEND” has recently brought a new Dell Inspiron 530 I know it’s irrelevant, sorry. More Importantly it’s runs on the Window Vista Premium… Well the story is my friend and his brother are arguing on whether who gets the Admin. account. Their parents can not operate Yahoo! Messenger without help so they have no clue of what’s going on. Sadly I believe since that computer was brought for the entire family’s use, I DO NOT believe that it only my friend could have Administrative privileges and the rest of his family couldn’t. I myself am decent with the computer and I help the family as much as possible when they run into situations. However it’s impossible to get anything done like installing anti-virus’ and video-games without permission. Granting permission is a pain when it comes to Paul. Please help me, help his brother. I think that, it should not be right that someone who does not have a single care in the world about anyone else but himself. I might make him sound like a dick and yes sometimes he is… Who

How can I bypass into an Administrative account on windows Vista?


if a computer is shared by a group of people, then haveing only one person with admin permissions and the others with user permissions (only) is the only way to keep a certain level of system integrity and privacy of the personal data of the several users. (You don’t want your mother see your pr0n collection)

If more people have administrative permissions, the system would be unusable within a few weeks (or even faster).


Lol their Parental Controls weren’t blocking any sites, just operating programs and file configuring was disapproved.