How to buy Media from Japanese stores which do not ship internationally

I just found this service which allows users from outside of Japan to purchase from shops which do not ship internationally.
The service can be found at:

You should be able to buy Media from any online shop in Japan using this service.
Here a list of shops selling Medias:
Akibang (Site in Jp only):
Akibaoo (Site in Jp only):
F-Shokai (Site in Jp only):
Amazon Japan (English available):
Taiyo Yuden Online Shop (Site in Jp only):
Media Box (Site in Jp only):
Landport (Site in Jp only):
Mori Media (Site in Jp only but has some real cool stuff only available at this site):

*To administrators: Hope it is OK to post this in the Media forum. If not I am sorry for the extra work I give you for moving this to the right section.

12x DVD-RAM media access :slight_smile: Of course it’ll probably cost you as much as the drive itself :Z

P.S. - additional fees are listed in yen, so to save anyone looking up the conversion rate it’s about $1 U.S.=116 Yen right now.

12x DVD-RAM at By rough estimation, buying a single disc would cost me over $40 after fees. :sad: Damn you Maxell!

P.S. - thanks for posting this, it might come in handy for anyone wanting the latest tech products. I think I’m going to have to stick to 3x and 5x DVD-RAM though. :stuck_out_tongue:

The service has a funny name :smiley:
But nevertheless thanks for the post, [B]koba[/B]!

I think I might get myself some more Japanese media sooner or later. But I’m currently short of money :bigsmile:
Greece will do for now :iagree:

thanks koba for this info
now I just gotta learn some japanese to figure out what to buy :wink:

Any places in hong kong where you can get taiyo yuden disks (preferably tyg02 and cheaper than the uk :stuck_out_tongue: ) cos I have family over there and might be going in the new year so any help would be appreciated!!

Maybe some of the users from Hong Kong like [B]2601[/B] could tell us more…
I think there were Verbatim Pastel Discs (TY) in Asia too, sold in 50 disc That’s cakeboxes as MIJ.

Tell me more kg_evilboy… (I shoulda started a new thread :o ) How much in HKD were the verb pastels or dont you know?


Perhaps all of you could check out . They buy stuff for people who want to buy stuff from Japan as well as Yahoo Japan Auction sites. They buy Taiyo Yuden for people. Refer to their ‘Gadget and Gizmos’ section. They are based in Singapore but they ship internationally.

This site is nice, but I haven’t heard of TY DVD-RW (and have never seen 8x and 16x DVD-RW at all). Besides, unbranded TY is not rare, but getting That’s branded TY or other Japanese media is difficult. There are only few countries in the world where That’s media can be bought (Japan, Greece, Korea…).